My Walk to Emmaus

This past weekend I participated in a very special spiritual retreat called the Walk to Emmaus. What happened on this weekend was men grew to know their God and one another in a profound, deep and substantive way.

There were SO many things experienced and learned it could take up more space than most would like to read.  However I was most moved by the Fatherhood of God in my life. 

Sometimes I still find myself looking for approval in ways that are adolescent:  my humor, my looks (not), my athleticism (perhaps five years ago!), my work, et cetera.  This weekend tied all of those earthly longings for approval to a my quest as a son to know I am loved, good, cherished, strong.  These are all things I knew theoretically, but now far more personally, God desires to give me.  God reminded me in a very personal, powerful and tender way that He WILL be the Father I've always wanted, always needed, and still long for. 

Wow!  What a powerful time.  I left the retreat and reentered the world with a very quiet, inner, subtle peace.  The peace that a loved son would have.