Being Distracted by Good Things

In C.S. Lewis' book, The Screwtape Letters, one of the jobs of the lessor demon Wormwood is to distract his Christian assignee by preoccupying his subject with GOOD things; this is in order to keep him away from doing the BEST things.

I am convicted in my own life that I need to hit my knees and pray for myself and others ... that God would help us to be faithful to the BEST things, not spend a majority of our time on the 'GOOD' things.  But how do we know what is BEST?

It is what I see repeated over and over in the Bible, specifically in the New Testament:

Read the Bible, pray and worship in your secret closet (heart) and home.  It is what Jesus did when He wasn't with people.

Allow that love to influence those around you, especially your spouse, kids, family, but also of course, friends.  Develop people to lead like Jesus did.

Keep in community with others who love Jesus, meet in the temple courts and house to house.  It is what Jesus did -- joining existing community or created new ones.

Share that love with those who don't yet know God through deeds, and when necessary, words (that was St. Francis' mantra).  Share it not to conform them to your view, but to Christ.

Summary:  All the other stuff that religious and spiritual people DO may be GOOD (talking, writing, reading, debating, etc) but I believe they are distractions from the BEST.  Until we begin to DO THESE simple things that Jesus did, I doubt we, or the world, will change much.

I stand very much in the need of prayer; unlike you, Jesus, I am easily distracted.  Lord, help me not to lose sight of you amidst the waves, or fall asleep in the garden while you grieve.