The Loving Wrath of God

This past Sunday I preached on Colossians 3:1-11.  In that sermon I made an apology about this not being a very 'nice' sermon, since it contained an extensive list of sins to which Paul was speaking; not only sensual sins such as sexual immorality and impurity but also social sins such as slander, unrighteous anger, lack of forgiveness, etc.

Robin affirmed me that she thought it was a good sermon (always nice to hear that something you spend HOURS on and do weekly actually does some good), however that I 'missed the mark' on my comment about this not being a 'nice' sermon (it was something LIKE that, but not that exactly).

She reminded me that it is out of God's incredible LOVE for us that He also rebukes and chastises us.  So within the wrath of God against our sin is also the radically jealous LOVE of God for our holiness.  Wow!  I needed to be reminded of that.

So next time you or I feel we are being disciplined, or even rebuked by God (look at Hebrews 12 and Proverbs 3) we shoud remember that behind that correction is a Father's jealous love that is perfect, flawless and working assiduously for our perfection (James 1).