Yesterday was one of the best Father's Days I can ever remember.  Why?  Because the day marked the end of a very tough three years coming out of the restaurant business, and Durham, and the beginnings of a new season in ministry and in Blacksburg.  Seven months of travelling back and forth from NC to VA, missing Robin and the kids, and the practicals of paying for meals, gas and such in both cities. 

As I journied throughout the day, I felt as if rays of a dawn of new beginnings were peeking over the mountains:  on Friday Robin and I enrolled the four younger kids in the SAME school, Dayspring Christian academy, in Blacksburg (located a few blocks from our house, I might add).  We visited the house we'll be moving into, and had a wonderful sabbath meal with the owners (they are missionaries that our church supports).  Over the course of the weekend, Robin and I celebrated a very good season in our marraige, and I celebrated the four beautiful children we have, the incredilbe flock that God has provided for me to shepherd and equip and a position where I sense God's pleasure.

MOST of all, as I preached on the Fatherhood of God in the morning, I reflected throughout the day on the persistent initiative, commitment and intimacy of God in my own life.  Driving back to NC to pack up our things and move (in ONE WEEK), I have been especially congniscent of the weight of God's presence.  Every day, reminders here and there wherever I am, that He is with me not because of who I am, but because of the fundamental heart of who HE is towards me.

Yes, I am still sad and burdened for a few friends who I know did NOT have good Father's Days.  My heart and prayers went out to them yesterday because it reeks to have days of celebration with hearts of despair.

But yesterday I pause and thank God for a VERY good Father's Day.