Breaking the Silence


In my sermon this week I shared a story about the wonderful and difficult week we've had.  Ten days ago we rolled into town with the Penske truck and unloaded our belongings into this incredible blessing of a house that's been provided for us generously by a church family for the next year.  For FREE!  Many helped unpack the truck and put together beds which of course goes a long way.

Five days later and Robin and I were both stressed out, barely talking.  Four more days and all of us were in bad form:  kids stressed out, dad muttering, wife gleering cold and dark glances...domestic cacophony.

Thursday about 1am (after we finished the crapola of unpacking for the day and were laying in bed) I threw on the light and said that we had to talk...I couldn't sleep because I was so tore up about the shape of things.

We talked until 3am and even though everything wasn't resolved, we broke the silence.

In the same way, we have the opportunity to break the silence with God.  To tell Him all our cares, concerns, to confess ways that we (like King David) have fallen short of what we know to be right, true and good.

Psalm 32 has long been one of my favorite Psalms; today when I preached the sermon it came alive not as ink on a page but as what it is, the very heart of God.

Hear the full sermon here.