The Kingdom is not a bad place to be

This week I was encouraged by God's Word to me about The Kingdom:  radical change, a real relationship and practical rewards.  The Kingdom is a where radical change happens in the human heart...we are spiritually reborn; the Kingdom is a place where a dynamic personal relationship is formed with Jesus, the promise of all ages; finally, the Kingdom is a place where rewards are given:  the rewards of eternity with God, the reward of escape from condemnation and the reward of practical illumination for the Believer from day to day.

Three quotes this week 'made my day'.  One from CS Lewis, one from John Piper and the other is anonymous .  I'll give you the anonymous quote here (for Lewis and Piper you'll have to listen to the sermon).  It speaks of the illumination we receive when we have a relationship with the true God of light.  Here's what it says: I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen; not only because I see it, but because by 'it' I see everything else.  

I haven't drunk any cool-aid; I'm a thoughtful person and I certainly don't need some 'cause' or stupid 'campaign' to give my life meaning.  I've lived like God didn't exist, wasn't involved, didn't care and I've lived like He does exist, is involved and cares about me.  There is a difference between being judgemental and having judgement:  I'm not casting judgement on anyone, but using judgement for how to navigate my life. 

And my conclusion after 42 years:  The joy, peace, enlightenment, confidence and enlightenment I've experienced while walking with Christ is far more powerful and real than anything I've ever experience while stumbling in the dark.

With you and for Him,


hear the full sermon from this past Sunday here