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Lenten Second Service Offering

During the second half of Lent (3/31-4/21) we will be taking four special offerings to begin to raise funds for the Second Service.

What is the 2nd service?
A weekly evening service designed to reach the unchurched in a dialogue-oriented gathering, while providing believers with an alternative worship experience -- more informal, shorter in length, and with less liturgy than our morning service. There will be a full children’s ministry from newborn through elementary. In addition, the 2nd service will utilize untapped gifts of clergy and laity, broaden our ministry, and relieve space issues (in the sanctuary, parking lot, and fellowship hall).
Find a more detailed description of the 2nd Service Here

What are special offerings paying for?
Start-up costs and operating expenses until the amount of gifts received equals monies spent. This includes a few additional staff workers (increased hours for children’s ministry staff), rent, website, and so forth. A more complete description of the project, and its budget, can be found on the River’s website homepage.

How much are we seeking to raise?
The minimum to start this project is $17,700; however we are seeking an additional $8,000 to give us a larger advertising budget and therefore reach those outside of our direct social circles.

What if I have questions? Please email

How can you give ?
In the Sunday offerings, by ...

- Check (please put in a lenten offering envelope and write “2nd service” in the check memo)

- Cash (please put in a lenten offering envelope)

- Paypal (Please type “2nd service” in the note section).

- Pledge (you may be receiving money from a tax return or want to put off giving your gift. Pledges would need to be given by Aug 1 through any of the above methods).