These three words - worship, discipleship and mission - are what we describe as our "calling". In other words, we must do these things very well because they are critical to the life of a Christian, and the effectiveness of a church.  When a person comes to The River, they will notice that everything we do falls in these three areas: worship, discipleship or mission. If it doesn't fit, we don't do it! 

Discipleship is critical to our identity because it includes worship and mission. In other words, discipleship (learning and growing in community) is the way that God develops us into people who worship, and people who are on mission.

Below are several ways that we are developing disciples:

We have a strong number of discipleship groups, led by leaders who receive regular encouragement, counsel, training and prayer.

We have developed a clear Discipleship Path that allows newcomers to lay the foundation of a life-long faith in Christ through a sequence of short-term classes. While these classes provide a great start, we encourage every adult to invest in long-term growth and community by joining one of our discipleship groups. We can help you customize your "path" based on where you are in your journey with Christ:

Discipleship Path Brochure

"Find Your Path" Chart

We presently have three adult education classes which focus on developing people of worship, discipleship and mission. These include topics related to the bible, theology, marriage, parenting, singleness, finances and more!

We intentionally disciple children and youth during classes on Sunday morning and throughout the week. We take on children and youth as part of the discipleship of our whole church, not just as separate ministries. We disciple as a church family and we stress that families are the core mechanism for discipleship!  See more about these ministries here.

We have a strong bias that the Word of God be central to our groups, and in our preaching. God's Word is THE best way to grow people