Worship - Discipleship - Mission:  All three are critical to the life of a Christian, and to the effectiveness of a church.  Everything we do is designed to accomplish one or more of these callings. If it doesn't fit, we don't do it! 

Discipleship is the lifelong process of growing into a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ. It includes traditional education, but also growing by experiencing and doing side-by-side with mature disciples. It encompasses all the ways we are developed into people who worship and obey God, who love and serve others, and who are on God's mission in the world.


Discipleship Groups (click for brochure) are the lifeblood of spiritual community at The River. We encourage every adult, regardless of age or maturity level, to invest in their long-term growth by joining one. Our group leaders receive regular encouragement, counsel, training and prayer. Check out the brochure for a group that interests you, then contact the group leader for more information.


For newcomers to the Christian faith or the Anglican Church -- or those just looking for a refresher in the basics -- we have also developed a clear Discipleship Path that lays the foundation of a life-long faith in Christ through a sequence of short-term classes. Our pastors and discipleship directors can help you customize your "path" based on where you are in your journey with Christ:

Discipleship Path Brochure

"Find Your Path" Chart


In addition to our Discipleship Path classes, we offer "Life Track" adult ed classes on topics related to marriage, parenting, relationships, finances, emotional healthy spirituality, and more!


We intentionally disciple children during Godly Play classes on Sunday morning and teenagers at youth meetings during the week. We include children and youth as part of the discipleship of our whole church, not separate ministries. We disciple as a church family and we stress that families are the core mechanism for discipleship!  Learn more about these ministries here.

We have a strong bias that the Word of God be central to our groups, and in our preaching. God's Word is THE best way to grow people