Faith in God - Confidence and Assurance in the Unseen

August 11, 2019

Deacon Scott shares how Hebrews 11:1-16 relates to our lives of attempting to faithfully follow God in the midst of uncertainty, feeling foreign, and trusting in God’s promised eternal hope.

  • Scripture Used: Hebrews 11:1-6, Luke 12:32-40

  • Meaningful Conversation Starters:

    Is faith in God intriguing, promising, and hopeful for you, or does it just sound like daydreaming or madness?

    Is your faith in … your faith? Or is your faith in God and His faithfulness.

    Do you have faith that God can use what you have to offer?

    Is it sometimes easy to be discouraged or frustrated and wonder if God really is in your life? If He really is going to reveal His will to you as you seek after Him?

That They May Be One

Just prior to departing from the disciples after their last supper together, Jesus prayed for the unity of those who were believing in Him. He prayed to the Father that "they may be one, as we are one." Why? So that the world may know Jesus was sent by the Father and know the Father's love.

  • Scripture used: John 17:20-26

  • Meaningful Conversation Starters: Is the unity of the Church a gift of God, or something we work towards, or is it both? What are some practical ways we demonstrate, or live out, our unity in Christ?

A Different Gospel

There is a "different gospel" that many are preaching -- prosperity gospel, universalism, progressivism (relativism), and so forth. Jesus tells us to be wise and shrewd. Paul warns the church about those who will come and ravage the flock. We must safeguard our families, friends, the church, etc while at the same time interacting with different ideologies graciously and sensitively. 

  • Scripture used: Matthew 7:15-23; Jude 1:1-8, 17-23


Have you ever been in a season of life where you’re waiting? Maybe you feel as if life has passed you by and that God has forgotten that you’re still on hold. The good news is that God has not abandoned you and His deep compassion is available for you.

  • Scripture used: Genesis 18: 1-15; Mark 9:14-29

  • Meaningful Conversation Starters: How am I waiting for God? What am I learning in my waiting season?

The Lord is My Shepherd

Psalm 23 is used so often inside and outside the Church that we almost have a tendency to stop hearing what it actually says. We’re taking an in-depth look at the Psalm to recover an understanding of what it means for us today.
>>Psalm 23; John 8:31-38

  • Thinking back to times where you’ve walked “through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, how can you see that God was actually at work in you through that time?

  • We’re told that to live faithfully we simply have to follow our Shepherd and abide in his Word; easier said than done. What are some practical ways that you can take steps in your own life to follow and abide?

Jesus' Identity & Our Identity

Jesus asked his disciples point blank, “Who do YOU say I am?” Peter (for once) answered correctly. Jesus’ identity as Messiah defines our identity as his followers -- are we really willing to take on this identity and the cross it will bring? If so, we will know what true Life really is.

  • Luke 9:18-26, Galatians 3:24-4:7

  • Meaningful conversation starters: Who do you say Jesus is? What is your identity in light of Jesus' identity? What difference does it make in your daily life when that identity trumps all others?

Walking with Jesus through Hard Times, Part VI

Jesus was zealous for true worship, in the temple then and in our hearts now. Just as He turned over tables then so His Spirit is like a fire, clearing our hearts and lives of false worship so we can worship the true and living God. Just as Jesus’ zeal consumed Him, so He gives us zeal to serve, love and reach others.

  • Scripture used: I Corinthians 3:10-16; Luke 19:41-48

Walking with Jesus through Hard Times, Part V

Some people welcomed Jesus, treating him with love and gratitude.  Some ignored Him. Some abused Him. How do we welcome Jesus into our homes and our lives?  How does my welcome of Jesus reflect in how I welcome others?

  • Scripture used: Luke 7:36-52; Psalm 116:8-17

  • Meaningful conversation starters: How am I welcoming Jesus into all aspects of my life? How am I welcoming others? If something needs to change, where I do start?