What to expect on Sunday Mornings


9:15 AM - Worship Begins

9:35 - Children Pre-K - 5th Grade are escorted to Fellowship Hall for Godly Play

10:15 - Children Return to sanctuary for communion

10:35 - Coffee and Fellowship

11:30 - Adult EducatioN (Fall & Spring)



At The River, we are blessed with incredible music, Word-centered preaching and a rich community life!  We sing a combination of contemporary songs, and traditional hymns; we read Scripture, pray, and take communion weekly.  

Our nursery is located in the rear of the sanctuary, running throughout the 9:15am worship service.  Children ages 3 through 5th grade begin in the worship service, and they may stay in the service with their families for its entirety, or they can join our other children as they are escorted into the fellowship hall for Godly Play from 9:35 - 10:15.  This is a time of creative learning about the Bible and the Christian faith through storytelling and hands-on play.  Afterwards, they are escorted back over to the sanctuary before communion so they can continue worship with their families.  

For more information about nursery care and children's ministries, please see nursery & elementary ministry and middle school ministry.



What should I wear?
Some wear jeans, khakis or skirts, and others wear suits; some wear polos, button-downs, blouses and others t-shirts. We feel it is most important that you come how you feel comfortable.


What's expected of me?
We will not ask you to speak out loud, give financially or stand up; just come in, participate at your comfort level and see what God is doing. We’d love for you to stick around after the service for coffee if you want to. We look forward to getting to know you!

Sunday Communion

Do I need to bring a bible?
If you prefer to use your own Bible, bring it, but we also have NIV Bibles available in every pew for you to use, or you can feel free to pull a Bible up on your phone.

What are the ages of those who attend?
We have people of all ages at The River: Young families, singles, married couples, grad students, undergrads, families with teens, and older couples and individuals. We are a FAMILY, made up not only of biological parents, grandparents, and children, but of spiritual parents, grandparents, daughters, sons, sisters and brothers as well!

What can you tell me about Anglicanism?
Briefly, Anglicans were the fore-runners of the Protestant Reformation in England, many of whom gave their lives as martyrs, convinced of the need that the Scriptures be put in the hands of all people and that salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone - not a result of our works. There are now 70 million Anglicans throughout the world - a wide and diverse group as one might imagine.  The River is thankful to be a part of the Anglican Church of North America, which firmly believes in the integrity of Scripture as well as the Divinity of Jesus Christ as the Son of God.